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As your designer, I get exclusive access to product you won't find online through my "to the trade" vendors.  These are exclusive vendors that you would have to otherwise go to Highpoint or the Las Vegas Market to see.

Whatever specific and perfect piece you are looking for...I can find through my connections with hundreds of online vendors that only designers can shop.

Every now and again I do a Featured Mood Board where you can shop my to the trade selections, or just get ideas!  Below are just some of my favorite items, but I hope these collections help to inspire you, and see if my style is a fit for you!  Click on the shopping cart to shop my finds.

***Due to the "trade" nature of these items, all sales are final so make sure to map out the dimensions and details before you purchase...or better yet, let me create your design plan.

Fun Collections You Can Shop


Mary Kate's Dream

"Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of havin' my own things about me. My spinet...over there, and the table here, own chairs to rest upon."

Mary Kate Danaher, The Quiet Man 1952

I remember watching this movie when I was a little girl every year with my mom. I could totally relate with this fiery Irish/Catholic woman, fighting for what she believed was hers. She just wanted to make a home.

I also remember once in 7th grade when Sister Margaret Mary came up to me and, in a reassuring whisper, told me that I wouldn't have to change my name if I became a nun. I burst out laughing. Oops. I really did think she was kidding! I was in pretty big trouble for that. I have certainly mellowed since those days. Turns out I'm only 30% Irish, and the only red in my hair is from my hairdresser. But I still dream of beautiful rooms. So here's my Featured Mood Board inspired by this classic movie. 

Click the link below to shop my To the Trade selections.

Every Great Design Starts with a Design Plan

There are so many benefits to planning your room design plan first!  As your designer, we provide that valuable visual ahead of time so that the pieces go perfectly with your style and space.